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What is the best way to find a job as an English teacher in China? 在中国我怎么可以找到英语老师的工作?

Hello everyone,

Early next year I will be going to China, I want to find a job there as an English teacher. I prefer not to work in Shanghai or Beijing, so in a smaller city.
So what is a good way to find a job as an English teacher in China, i prefer to sign a contract or find a job before I go to China.

Thank you for your help!


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    I am an english teacher in China. If you plan to visit china before you start a teaching job (which I think is best as you can see the schools up close) don't forget these points. When you visit china you will have an L visa (a tourist visa). To work in china you need a Z or F visa. to obtain a working visa you will need to leave china and apply at a chinese embassy in another country. Or go to Hong Kong. An L visa can't be changed to a Z/F in china. Also to get a Z/F visa (Z is better by the way) You will also need an invitation letter from the school. So make sure the school can offer you this letter (written by a government officer in the province you will live in). Sometimes they can't and they get waiguo teachers from other schools. You will also need a medical test. That test is done in china during the first 30 days you are here as an english teacher. in those days the school will register you with the local police and you will get a resident permit for the city you will work in. the school should know this but if not you should remind them of this. :-) this permit is very important. as the Z/F visa only gives you 30 days in China.


    Every school may need English teacher.If you call them one by one,surely you can find many offers in a short time.Maybe it sounds a little stupid,but it works when there is no other way.

    I think there are some overseas teaching organizations in both US and UK. Two of my foreign teachers were from that organization and they tought us in Xi'an. And I think it is great for you to go to other cities cause the students there need more help and support for learning both English and Dutch.

    If you wish, you can come to Jiangsu, maybe you will love this place ~ ~ ~ Oh, we also have foreign teachers in schools, we get along very well, fighting
    if you hope find as an English teacher in china , maybe you gone to Sichuan , there is very friendly , maybe you will love here ... :) my english very worst ... don't you know my means

    It said that our school,Minjiang University, short of foreign teachers.And I think Fuzhou is a good city.May you can try.

    why dont u want to shanghai ?here has good chance to foreigner to teach english,as far as i know,such as WEIBO ENGLISH,it is very easy to be hired.i can give u there contract way,if u want to shanghai~

    I am a teacher in Changsha, Hunan Province, which is also a nice place to go.
    If you want to come, you may first check some information available online.

    看你想选择哪个学校了吧,听说要到中国办理《中华人民共和国外国人就业许可证书》(大概是这个,只是听说,具体的你要问问),不同的学校也有不同的要求,在别的网络上看到有人这样说:国际TESOL协会认证的国际英语教师职业资格证书INTERNATIONAL TESOL进入中国,代表的是英语教学技能的国际标准,TESOL证书的出现正是迎合了市场对优秀外语教师的需要。

    hey , do u know Weihai? its a beautiful seaside city. Would u like to work there? i am collage student there,and at the same time i have a part time job to work in a language school. In that school,we have some foreign teachers,but we still need more .Are u interested?

    For your question ,you can find a good job in Guangdong Province.Guangdong needs a lot of foreign teachers to help people to improve their English. I am a student from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Here ,you can find your job.

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