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What to call a wife?

I often hear "太太。“有时人说:”老婆。“ At what age is lao po the best way to refer to a wife? It does not sound appropriate for someone that is young.

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    lao po ,it doesn't mean his wife is old ,nowadays many young Chinese men ,even he doesn't get married with his girlfriend,but they always keep good relationship,he also will call his girlfriend "lao po". In China ,most of couple ,husband call his wife "lao po", lao po call her husband "lao gong".
    “太太”,maybe shows that you are very gentlemanly. you and your wife go to a party ,then you introduce your wife to your friends ,you can say "zhe shi wo tai tai ".
    generally speaking,most young men ,they don't call his wife "太太'' in China.
    maybe in Taiwan and hong Kong "太太” is still used widely.

    哈哈 i cant agree more with happyDelia' explanation :))
    Nowadays,most lovers call "lao po ,lao gong" each other ,it's just an intimate call .
    And i'm agree with happy Delia.
    Chinese is a very mysterious and divertive language.

    I agree with happyDelia. But a husband seldom call his wife as 太太 in Hong Kong. If somebody call a woman who got marry as "her husband's surename + 太太". And if a husband introduce his wife to somebody, he can say that " She is my wife(太太). And he can call his wife as 老婆. That means you can ask your wife to pay attention to you by calling 老婆. And being sweeter, you can call your wife as 老婆仔(similar to honey).

    1. We can say both "she is his 老婆" and "she is his 太太".
    老婆 is more general and oral, 太太 is more official and formal.

    2. However, a man can call his wife"老婆", but he doesn't call his wife"太太".

    lao po is often used by the husband to call his wife at home or when talking about wife with his intimate friends, it is not formal and is mostly used my young husband and middle aged men as well. tai tai is much more formal than lao po so it is often used in formal occassions such as when a man need to refer to his wife while giving a speech. there is till another way to call wife which is fu ren this is often used by men in public.

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