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what would u like to be called?as a nickname or famous name

well i have three nicknames in my country. the some call me(abu kamal) and others(luis figo) or(v.perise) but i prefer to be called v.persie because luisfigo or abu kamal seem older to me hahahahaha
so what would u like to be called?as a nick name or famous name

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    my brothers call me lalaqel so it makes me feel as in family.


    Amira or princesse

    I like Norm most of my friends call me Norm

    most of my friends call me Bosy and i like it so much

    I have 5 nicknames in my hometown, they are "BELANDE SESAT", "BELUKANG", "BULE SESAT", "HERA", and "JACK" and i don't like them exactly..because they have negative meanings..So I would like they call me "HERY" or "賀 明 鵬" based on my real name.:)

    Misha or Mike.

    I will be famous one day hehe
    My name will be well known

    As I’ll be the leader of my country, so they will call me "Der Führer ", hehehe. I joke! I've too many nicknames, but I let the other one choose the name he prefers.

    i love if somebody calls me in my nick name, i think it shows that they want to make friends with me, want to know about me a lot, and want to come into my is warmer than famous name..^-^ what do you think?

    I like when people call me Anutka(Анютка).
    Ones my friend called me roza-vetrov (roze of winds). Since that time it is my nickname!)
    And my granny calls me Nyrka(Нюрка))))))
    They call me Kimo and they call me Pirlo when we play Soccer, because i'm very good Freekicker and midfielder. :P

    famous name-MALAYALEE

    I have lots of nicknames and fakenames and love most of them. It's so pleasing to be nicknamed by someone (someone close especially), because it means he/she knows some quality of yours and calls you by it! All strangers can use our anagrphical names... A self-made one is Chouette, wich means "civet-cat" (the night bird symbolizing wisdom in ancient Greek mythology) in French as well as "nice".
    However, I created myself a name to hide my identity, e.g. when signing my novels, which is Giacinta Machiavelli. I was just a child when I first used it: it was at my painting course; I had started working on a drawing I didn't like at all and didn't want my teachers to give me it again on the next lesson, so I suddenly thought about a fake-name to sign it instead of mine, and immediately it came: Giacinta, I don't know why (anyway it comes from jacynth), and Machiavelli from the great Italian Renaissance philosopher writer and politician Niccolò Machiavelli I really admired.

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