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in how many languages can you spell "I love you?"

Spell them all out. no copy & paste answers! So, how well can you write "I love you?

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    6 languages.

    Je t'aime, I love you, Te Quiero, Wo Ai Ni, Em yeu anh or and yeu em, Ich Liebe dich
    In 6 languages.
    Ya tebia lublu, ya tebe kohau, me shen miyvarxar, es qez sirum em, I love you, te quiero o te amo, and in french also - je t'aime.

    in 6 languages;

    أحبك , je t'aime , i love you, te quiero, wo aie ni, seni seviyorum.

    Je t'aime, Te amo, Ti amo, 사랑해, amo te, I love you... only 6 :( (French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Latin and English respectively)

    in 4 languages:
    Arabic: )ouhibbak)احبك
    i love you
    ich liebe dich(german)
    사랑해요(korean)sarang hae yo

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