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What are your best tips for economising during the current financial crisis?

Some of my tips: Buy clothes in the Red Cross second hand shops, cut out junk food, bottled water & fizzy drinks, eat more beans, lentils and grains, don't use credit cards to avoid high interest charges.

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    just satisfy the basic need:food and clothes,house.
    except house ,people can make food by themselves.
    we most cook food and water by ourselves,and buy vegetables at the stall instead of supermarket,
    more choice and cutdown the price are very interesting.
    moreover i don't follow the fashion to buy clothes,i trust my taste;and i ,i cut my hair by myself,i always walk then bike , taix.
    i always be myself try to keep.
    i think people must think about their way of their life,
    maybe we ask for too much,meanwhile
    ingore the essensial,such as we have 2hands and legs and foot and a clever head............
    live with the right way, health life!

    Before the financial crisis came to avoid waste, which is the best way.

    Are you an American?yea,the people in American can feel the strong effect from financial crsis.But in china ,on daily life,I am feel the effect .But for the export producer in china ,they may dont think so.They may cut positions,lower their expenses to aviod the economic crsis.

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