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What makes Chinese people laugh?

I've always wondered... what makes Chinese people laugh? What is it that you all find funny. I think humor is a very important cultural thing and I want to know more about what make Chinese people laugh! Please give me your ideas. Thanks!

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    Doesn't everyone like a good kick in the crotch?

    Eric Cartman, Homer Simpson and Chris Rock's HBO Special

    Humorous enough

    maybe there is a little bit of different humor culture between two contries.....but most of them is the same what make chinese lauge just the same with what make u laugh....

    wit~I think.
    But I can't completely tell you why in that it's a comprehensive question,it need you find a way to make sense of it gradually.
    I can only recommend you the method.
    You can learn of something that have made Chinese laugh,such as a collection of jokes in China,Chinese comedy or popular comedian such as Zhao Benshan and so on.

    Good luck~

    you have to make yourself laugh first and when we see your great smile we will langh:-)


    maybe it's our nature to lead a happy and easy lives.

    I think a sense of humor...
    I'd like to give you an advice ...
    First...Seeking inspiration from life,Understanding chinese people of the daily life of things and story.Take a walk everywhere In spare time,observe the things around you and Chat with friends,haha~~~maybe you will be inspired to chat...and then Watch Chinese Cross-Talk and witty skits...Over will can Flexibility with creation when you know more knowledge...
    a Website recommend to you.I hope it can help you..
    ok~~~加油。P.S: 会英文的朋友可以帮我看看这段英文语法有错吗??我写了好久啊~~~谢谢~~!!

    Wendy's answer made me laugh..

    in my opinion,there has a few diffirences to make people laugh in diffirent countries.To make people laugh rest with what is the person's character
    Money more and mroe money


    hehe,interesting question~~
    Just humor.It's no different in the world.

    when international producer (like automobile manufacturer) say to the chinese producer, "stop to copy us and our products cause we have the patent laws." ;)

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