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Is it better to learn more than one language at a time?

What I mean is: Spanish, French, Italian, ect.. are all very similar in nature. Currently I'm focused on just learning Spanish. The logic behind that is, if I get a solid foundation in learning it. Then learning Italian ect.. will be much easier. Or should I throw this idea out the window and learn the other languages at the same time? what are the pros and cons.

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    1, Italian has a close affinity to French in its lexical category, some roots of Italian vocabularies are, more or less, often similar to those corresponding in French, but their pronunciations are quite different.

    2, Italian pronunciation is very close to Spanish, besides a little different rules, the main nuance may be that, Italian words usually end with vowels (o/a/i/e), while Spanish nouns always end with "s" instead. & I feel that, Italian sounds a more melodious language than Spanish.

    3, One day, If you could master Spanish very well, I would suggest you turn to learn Italian first, & then French second. If I were you, I would learn Italian & French at the same time, because it wouldn't mix you up while learning 2 languages such as Italian & French, they sound very different.

    The pronunciation for those languages are all different.
    Conjugating them are different as well.
    Unless you have a talent for learning languages you might wanna stick with learning one at a time.
    Since the languages are similar it might get confusing to how to conjugate a word and what word to use.
    That's my opinion...

    When you are learning a new language, it takes a very long time till you have an almost perfect level at it. It can easily takes years. So not learning any other languages for such a long time would be a little sad =).

    If think you can easily learn 2 languages at a time. If they don't ressemble each other too much. But the problem is, that you might lose motivation because start to have impression that you are not making progress, and you might end up neglecting one of the languages, or both.

    If you want to learn 2 languages at a time, you should be certain you really want to learn them. And you have to try to balance your learning, you shouldn't ignore one of the two to study the other.

    I think that you shouldn't mix the learning of Spanish and Italian, because you might get confused.

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