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what's your dream ?

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    To be an effective figure in my future carrer and in life at all...I wanna people remember me with good words after my death....Also wanna be rewarded by Paradise at the day of Judgement and you too, inshaAllah..

    My dream is to be a computer enginer and go abroid.So I must learn English well.

    my dreams be related by """ to be or not to be " that is...
    Моя мечта, чтобы не было большой войны. Хотя я боюсь что её не избежать. Но если её не случиться то это будет чудо

    my dream, to be successful in my life,, my career, but the most important dream, to find the person who deserves to share with her my whole life, to give her my success, the person who can understand

    Az álmom egy férfi aki igazán szeret engem, aki soha nem hazudik nekem. akivel, boldogan, nyugalomban élhetem le az életem. Semmi sem fontosabb a családnál, a szeretetnél a békességnél.

    My dream a man who really, who never lies to me, likes me. with who, gladly, in calmness may live my life. Nothing more important at the family, the affection the peacefulness.

    This favourite song of mine :) And these lyrics true :) This say everything :)

    Ossian: Társad a bajban -Your companion in the trouble

    Would you protect it from others, himself?
    Would you chase away his bad dreams?
    You would wait for it for any length of time, you would accept it
    His selfishness, his bad days?
    The oath, the ring are not needed little
    This contract written with your blood
    Your companion in the trouble
    In bad one and in good one
    Your solitude, in nadirs
    In sunlight, mud
    In a joy, mourning
    In beautiful days, a losing fight
    You would go away onto hell, you would come to terms
    With a god and a devil
    You would protect it to the utmost, all his sin
    Your love would absolve it

    Ossian-Társad a bajban

    Óvnád-e másoktól, önmagától?
    Elűznéd rossz álmait?
    Bármeddig megvárnád, elfogadnád
    Önzését, rossz napjait?

    Nem kell az eskü, a gyűrű kevés
    Ez véreddel írt szerződés

    Társad a bajban
    Rosszban és jóban
    Magányodban, mélypontokban
    Napfényben, sárban
    Örömben, gyászban
    Szép napokban, vesztes harcban

    Pokolra elmennél, kiegyeznél
    Istennel és Ördöggel
    Végsőkig védenéd, összes bűnét
    Szerelmed oldozná fel


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