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what's your dream?????

what is your biggest dream?

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    i want to be a person can speak languages all over the world !
    i want to study in the USA or some other foreign countries !
    i want to learn Kungfu !
    i want to find my love ...
    i wish i were an angel ...^^

    I want to study in Russian .and become a computer antivirus experts since i am studying computer engineering now .

    my dream is that i can success in every area.for example ,i wish to win a prize of Nobel in economy.because economic is my specialized subject in the university.
    so this is my biggest dream.of course, i have some dream ,such as a manager, a actor and a philosophy~~

    I want to be in a movie with Jackie Chan or Jet Li.

    My dream is to be a computer enginer and go abroid.So I must learn English well.

    i want to be a person who can help anybody!


    To be a better man..~~ :)
    i would like to be a person could face all the trouble things in our life bravely and peacefully

    i want eat many many good food!

    become the richest man in this world ^^

    i have three goals to pursue :
    1 is search for love
    second is make a difference
    third travel around world (*^__^*) ……
    Be a good businessman to devote my everything,and learn more as a boy to know more!Making more friends!
    about my dream ,i want to speak english fluently.
    i want to leave a comfortable life,have a perfect job ,traval around world...ect.

    My dream is to be a commercialist。

    i dream to be a writer.

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