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What do you think about the uneducated people?

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    Many uneducated peoples in my country..especially peoples that live in very small town and far away from city. They're so pity. They're not go to school because they haven't money to pay that.
    Like Yehmehhoon say "somebody should educate them" but in this condition the teacher should not want get they can get education without pay (free)..My sister already that. She never think about her salary..she dedicated her life for education especially for poor peoples that live at very small town..i'm very proud with her.

    They are stupid or without money to study... :)
    somebody should educate them !

    as simple as that !

    They should be educated

    I'm sure "uneducated" people can teach you something that we don't know. Everyone is educated in some way, how else would they live hehe.
    Everyone has different types of intelligences =)

    when i read this, there are two kind persons in my mind.
    one kind----they don't have much money or support to continue their study....that's not their faults. all most of them need pay much hardships to live,that's difficult but they did.especially, some of them are very strong and successful, so i think we can learn something from them but not look down upon them.
    the other kind----they are really uneducated. though they have enough good opportunity to study, such as some persons they granduated from college or university,they are aslo ignorant ...that's because they don't have good manner,good Ideological Cultivation or good inside...i hate this kind and at the same time, i despise them.
    everybody needs education. it's just a matter of being in the righ mindset.well then theres no problem. you're being nice to me even though i'm not useful to you at all ? i want education on pizza making & caffe latte. the world w/o education is a piece of shit.

    well, they are unlucky persons but we shoulden't ignore them because everyone had his living conditions. we shouldn't make opinion at the first time; may be they are poor people or they live far away the schools. i think that we can make efforts to imerge them on the society because knowledge is important.

    i don't think this question before i saw this.first, i think,all the people should be educated,in moden society,the uneducated person can't find good jobs.we should keep up with the step of the world.but when we meet uneducated people,we can't laught at him(her),it's impropriety.all the people are equal.we should them more care than others.

    maybe u will think that uneducated people are people who dont have any chance for go to school! but there are so many people who have a chance for go to school but still have a bad habit like uneducated people...

    In my opinion,uneducated people are people who dont want to learn something even they have a chance for learn it...but they dont care about it...they are a foolish from a foolish person in this world! coz an educated people always want to learn n learn..they are people who always want to learn even they never have a chance for go to school...but remember studying is not only go to school..but from ur life too...
    be educated be a wiseman..

    Just my opinon..ok? peaceeee (^_^)v

    Depending on the enviroment in which they are brought. Most of these poeple dont have the same opportunity as you and me, and so we have to see that not everybody can be educated. Sure there are poeple who chose to not want to study as there is people who cant decide what do with their lives. I think you have to see were they are coming from before you can judge......DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

    well when u ask this I think of two different types of uneducated people....
    1. The people that are educated that have no morals....
    2. People, that based on their economic status and family background, where not able to be provided with education...
    we are all educated in one way or another ..with or without is all based on the morals and ethics that represents who we are to others....

    oh.uneducated also have two is the people who have enough money don't want study is a stupid.second is the people have no money but want to access education seem very pity.But in china,children can have nine years free education begin with 2006.The government publish a nine years free education legislation.providing free books,and free other i think the government take a strong effort to the public education.
    Maybe they do not have the opportunity to be educated,somehow they can live as normol...
    There are many reasons why some people are uneducated.
    One reason i can think of is because the family is poor. Another example is in some countries they face poverty.These countries, the government or NGO supports them to give free education to children and some adults too.
    @Laura :Uneducated people doesnt mean that they are stupid my dear :)

    There are also reasons like they are not given a chance to sit in a decent classroom unlike ourselves,because of lack of education system or funds in the country. Other reason could be due to poverty or health problems are at a higher level in there respective country or state.

    there are many example we can see these days how less educated people have been successful, and they barely even reach high school or finish their primary school.

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