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talk to you later or talk to you soon?

I just wanna know the difference, between this way to say good-bye. Talk to you later and talk to you soon, means basically the same thing or not? or it depends, on the context and the way you say it?

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    I think there is a slight difference.
    But yet they are pretty much the same.

    Both of them don't really have a set time of when is later or soon.
    If I was talking to you and a phone call came in, I would say "talk to you later" but I wouldn't say "talk to you soon". I think "talk to you soon" is with hope of talking to you again, but "talk to you later" doesn't imply that as much.
    Okay to make it short and clear, I would use "talk to you later" short goodbyes, and "talk to you soon" for long goodbyes hoping that it wouldn't be too long, that's why I would use "soon". I hope I didn't confuse you. If you still have questions please ask!

    "Talk to you later" leaves as open-ended when you will speak with the other person again. It is a very informal form of goodbye. "Talk to you soon", depending on the context, can indicate that you as the speaker hope or wish to see the other person "sooner, rather than later". Using "talk to you soon" usually means you know the person at least fairly well.


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