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Why do people want to learn to speak English with an American accent?

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    I think this depends on a lot of things..

    Probably most obvious is the exportation of American media and American prescence throughout the world. However, this is also true to some degree with British English. What kind of English do you think the original British colonies spoke? Considering the United States didn't exist at the time, I'd assume it was British English. The influence of the mother country is a major factor.

    Second, I would say the availability of teachers and learning resources. As a teacher, I would never attempt to teach students in British English. Simply because I'm not British, and I'm not going to don a fake accent to try to teach them, as it would likely result in me teaching them wrong. Many schools, especially in countries struggling to get native speakers can't afford to have a preference towards British or American or Austrailian English. They'll take what they can get, and given the population differences it may be more likely to be American.

    Next, I would say similarity to their own native language. As I study Japanese, the people I've spoken to say they have a much easier time understanding British English. This is because American English is very direct and to the point and often has little natural respectful tone or consideration for the other's feelings. British English tends to be much softer in this way, which is more similar to the Japanese language, so they tend to be more comfortable speaking it. That being said, the vast amount of American media infiltration on Japan may be a much stronger influence towards American English.

    Lastly, there are cases where a person has a personal preference. Maybe because a close friend or something uses this accent or some kind of personal connection to it. Personally, I haven't seen this as a common thing, most just use what they've been taught in the past. Maybe as a British English teacher you run into it more often? I'm not sure.

    cuz american is a high developed country. have so many nice things. in some way, that depands on the ads which made by some langange agency.

    Americanish is obviously getting more popular in China, even the English textbooks are inclined to teach American English, on the aspects of pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, & usage. Maybe it's mainly because USA is stronger than UK in some respects, such as international status, economic mightiness, military power, & so on, but I still think that, when it comes to the topic of "English teaching", perhaps UK (British English) has much more authority, experience, & elegance than USA (American English). & British dictionaries also tend to involve corresponding American English, while American dictionaries almost list nothing about British English usages inside. & British dictionaries & grammar books are much more suitable for non-English speakers to learn many nuances or unintelligible problems, while American ones are only for English native speakers. Therefore, the brands such as Oxford, Longman, Cambridge, Collins, are all my favourite dictionaries, & I don't like American K.K. phonetic symbol so much, it even seems very strange and laughable, though a lot of Americans consider British English as an interesting accent, by contraries. So, I'll always support British English of UK, especially London or Oxford accent. Long live, British English.

    Yes, I must admit that, US is, for sure, a highly developed country in terms of economy, weapon, science & technology, but it doesn't mean, at least not entirely mean that "American English is really superior to British English", & the reason, why so many people prefer Americanish, is mainly due to the proverb "love me,love my dog".(爱屋及乌)

    maybe because they are after the slang thing,lol. as for me id like to speak in a british accent. and britons are fluent in english grammar
    Maybe they think it is cool... I try to not, because it sounds strange when non american speak that way and not even so great like me, but american entertainment spoil me! x)
    who is he/she? I'm not like them. i think most of people prefer speak english with native this language, that is an english. like me and the other here.

    ihave no idea. but i prefer the england one
    perhaps, the get more access to American media as compared British/Australian media.
    Many of them may be aspiring to work in American Multinational Companies...

    PS. Just hypothesis !!

    how to say, we want to learn common english, but usually the teaching organization choose more books which are american style, so maybe we are familiar with that... it's one of the reason maybe.

    I love this that plays on my mind quite often indeed.
    It's cool. Simple.
    If you are taught with an American English syllabus then you will learn Americanised English, but that is not the question. The question is "why do people want to speak with an American accent?"
    Nothing annoys me more than hearing a foreigner faking an American accent, it's so unnatural! and 99% of the time just sounds silly.
    If you want to work in an American company, you don't HAVE to speak with an American accent at all! None of these are reasonable excuses.
    In Europe particularly, maybe in Asia aswell, all media that is available - films, series etc is (in the majority of cases) in American English.
    In Countries like Sweden and the Netherlands where TV is mostly in English and with just subtitles, this is where the Americanisms like couch and sweater are picked up.
    Note that these are quite "annoying" to use in Britain and it is worth learning the British English alternative i.e. sofa and jumper.

    British accent sounds me nicer than American, so it's likely that my accent would be more British than American. But I can see difrencies in American accent. One of my former teacher was from Ohio and I didn't hear strong American accent from her.

    so they want to sound american when they speak english, what is the big deal? It's not that they worship american. i don't think there is anything wrong with that. do you want to have the obvious western accent when you speak chinese? i believe 90 out 100 people want to sound more like chinese when they speak chinese. isn't that the method of learning a language - immitation? of courese american tv shows are a big influence and definitely it's a factor. they all say accent shouldn't be an issue as long as an effetive communication is carried out. but i say if you want to learn a lanauge well, try to speak like a native speaker.

    It is probably more to do with US media than anything else - TV shows, movies and music are vast exports of America compared to the UK, Canada and Australia. Also, I doubt slang is very easy for non-native speakers because they are often more obscure in meaning than standard English. A 'New York' accent probably carries quite a lot of conception of wealth, business and trend-setting.

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