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friends online ..cheating ?

Online friends Chat! Is It Cheating or Not?
or we can show/see on side ( good side) ?

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    heyyy !! you can be with some one all your life and you dont finish to know him/her, so how to know if on line, some one that you know only for what they want you to know, is cheating or not .... mmmm ..kind of difficult ... you will have to trust one more time .. each one judges for what he/she does, so if you lie, you may think all do ... l trust!, do you?

    Like in every other conversation. You can even see the face of the people you talk to (not on italki), so maybee you will see if they cheat or not.

    i think that you never know a persom until you live with them..... so just be kind to everyone and trust no one. you'll thank me later.
    you can't generalize anything. There are some chatter who don't want to reveal their real identity. There are many who reveal their identity.

    Cheating is every where.But we have to be most of the italki freinds at first did not like to reavel there real name.Beacse of Cheating fear.

    Cheating who now? I think friends online are just that, friends. And what we say is all in saying. We laugh, we tease, we learn and we are there for each other. Cheating or not, there are just so many friends to choose from. Rather, I would more wonder if being so open on line (because we feel safe since we are so far physically) we are cheating on our spouses in words. What do you think Enigma? What was your concern prompting you to ask this question?

    Cheating on line is a phonomenon by itself. I think we can know the genuinness of the otherside by a few excahnges,At least that is what I have found.As the relationship progresses, the genuineness or otherwise can be felt.You have to keep your senses open.What do you do in real life, this is what!.The relationship progresses and we come to know eacch other better and better.Some times, you develope such strong relationship, that even if cheated once in a while, you tend to forgive.If the extent of cheating is very huge and regular, then you part ways.That holds good here also. But again, why this concern as Phillipa asked!
    sometime if u meet wrong person

    chatting for almost people is an oppurtunity to cheat even if there is a cam it's so easy to be cheated unless you know with whom you are chatting or you are lucky to ahve a good friends online even if you have never seen them.i think sometimes you can notice who is cheating or not it depends on the situation of chat or the person's goal of chatting.

    I love chatting, but I prefer ask about themself for know people, because sometimes show bad ans and thing about them

    Enigma, you are asking if they cheat or not, I think if we are looking for just friends, we will not care if they cheat, because in friendship there is no need to cheat, some people change their names for just information protection, and we will deal with them with thier names they gave to us, but if you are looking for online love, you will ask yourself many questions, if they cheat or not, their real names or not, and I don't think it is good decision to love online because you will suffer enough with doubts, cheat is every where, in real, the net.. so, be sure if any one wants to cheat you, he can cheat you any time, and you can't find the truth, so don't trust any one 100% .. and another thing, online friends are for friendship, no more.. in case you meet net friend in real life, it will be nice to know him more.

    Sun agree with the opinion added that there are a lot of deceiving through the net and this is necessary to protect ourselves, but with the passage of time will you know
    a good friend , good well in the net or outside the net as the enigma
    love is very difficult . Can not be trusted or secure through the net, even if in the end I found everyone of our friendly aspects of good character are not trying to scrutinize them, especially with our friends because there is no human being full
    only,move away from the bad every one

    I think that we should not give value judgement about persons on the net or outside it. We have to trust every one until we discover that he is lying or cheating, at that time we must take the good decision. I do believe in online friendship: You could read a lot of good advices just on reading this page where most people are sincere. They are exchanging ideas and the experiences they had in life, which could be very helpful for others.
    on the other hand when the matter concerns love through the net you have to be very careful to not being deceived at the end.

    To define cheating, you must have discussed this with your partner before getting into the realtionship. In my opinion and belives, cheating is whne one of the two things happens, you get too emotionally evolved, or there is some kind of sexual contact going on. Online chatting is not cheating, however it may become cheatting if you get too emotionally involved with the other person. Therefor, you must discuss with your partner what cheatting is for your relationship, making things like this that are fuzzy more cleared.

    I guess I would have to look at it is if the conversation is just casual then it would be no different than speaking to a co-worker or any stranger, but if the conversation becomes personal and you start to seek out that person then it would be cheating if you are in a relationship. Cheating is more than physical it can be emotional too.

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