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Are religious terrorists proof that god does not exist?

Why do terrorists (of any religious group) think that they can prove the existence of their particular god (or gods) by murdering the innocent. If their belief is correct, surely they can win their argument by reasoned debate alone.
I am yet to hear of an atheist resorting to violence to prove that god does not exist, yet religious extremists seem to think that the death of a non-believer will somehow make others accept their particular belief.

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    I think as well, that religious terrorism exists because it gives power.
    But, don't just think about what is happening in the Middle East, this kind of terrorism can be physical (such as making wars between countries in name of God) as well as psychological (just imagine how innocent people fall with "if you don't go to church you'll be damned", or the Catholics are the ones to be saved... for me that became nonsense).
    For me, it is proof that men take religion as the pathway to gain & get power.
    Religion and terrorists does not co exist.

    Please don't consider all atheists the same as that one you heard from. Violence, as bb riri said, cannot deal at all with religious questions; it only proofs (unfortunately) that humans exist. If there's a God or many, he's/they're certainely out of hany human deed/definition/ability to understand.
    No actual evidence of God existence or lack – that's why we need faith, that is, trusting something/someone we were never shown in any way.
    About religion, atheists should choose and behave according their own faith or lack of faith, which has nothing to do with mind logics (else, it wouldn't be FAITH, would it?) – I say this as an atheist myself.


    No, but only that God gives all free will.

    Well, is the rotten fruit a proof of how hurtful it is to eat fruit! I agree, NO, NOT AT ALL
    Terrorism, Proselitism, Dogmatism, all of them are a terrible reality. God's existence is however
    a great good True.

    I suppose it really depends on the beleifs of a person. I am Christian so i don't beleive that it prooves the non-existance of God but I also do beleive that they do things for a reason, maybe like they beleive that people against their religeon should die so they target those people, I have never had any problems with being Christian and no one has tols me i can't be so i guess it really depends on what the beleifs of the religeon are...
    Dear carla:
    any form of terrorist acts are criminal. Not just in Middle east.
    look around the world news..
    what about murderers,rappists in africa etc, babies killers,womans,children in Palestine,i can go on giving other examples...these are clearly act of terrorism. Do not represent faith in religion.
    no offence, but this news that you dont get in our papers these days. The truth is not being told.

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