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hey, can you try to explain the meaning of this han zi:依诺信? it's a name of a company.fei chang gan xie!

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    Maybe.诺信依诺国际商务服务(北京)有限公司,马尔代夫豪华自由行-诺信依诺国际商务服务(北京)有限公司,济南依诺信科贸有限公司,大连依诺信工业技术有限公司and so on,refering to Google.

    If this company in China ,Maybe ist济南依诺信科贸有限公司OR深圳市依诺信科技有限公司.

    i think the 依诺信 is "abide by the promise and believe"
    依 is "abide by or stand by" 诺 is "promise" 信 is "believe"

    Hello maxx !
    There are many company have the same name, but not in the same place.
    One is 深圳市依诺信科技有限公司-- ShenZheng YiNuoXin Technology Co,Ltd .n. Saleing mp3, mp4, audio...
    One is 大连依诺信工业技术有限公司---DaLian Integrity Industrail Technology Co,Ltd. This company seems relate to or connect with Germany's company.Because it products some thing about modern automation template.
    The other one is 济南依诺信科贸有限公司---Jinan Nordson Technical & Trade Co., Ltd.
    This one seems has a relationship involving Germany. It main sales cylinder, piston, foot brake, crank Auto-link, such as distribution.
    So the name of "依诺信" chinese mean is hard to explain.
    If you really want to know it , I think its mean in accordance with the promise of honesty and trustworthiness.
    Rely on 依(yi)and Believe 信(xin)what the company promised 诺(nuo), haha : )

    sorry,i haven’t heard of this company.

    i think Jessica's answer is the best one..hehe....
    this word does not include any specific just souds euphonious,that's "coca cola".If you have to dig some significations,weapon's anwer is the best.

    it means the compny lives by its credit

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