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Can anyone suggest me why Egyptians r so good?????????????????????

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    Because god wants us to be loved by everyone. =]
    Smart answer eh. xD
    Nadou..please take another look at the question =]

    thank you Hasan
    you are very kind

    Not All of them hasan :D

    idont know, but i think egyptians ajda3 nas (^_^)

    u can find good and bad people every ther's many agiytians are good people of caurse :)

    Not at all , " حوحو يشكر روحو"

    I think in algeria , there are many many people are good
    I love my country , j'aime beaucoup l'algerie et les gens de l'algerie, et vive l'algerie

    hi thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss dear for this thought really they are so goodddddddddd u can be sure it hehehe

    coz egyptian r old civilization n traditionals still here till now .the globlization cant effect us. also the prophet say that in egypt the most good soldier on earth.thx man but every country have the bad n good persons

    nice pepole

    hi there... strange question... what makes you say you need a suggestion??? don't you know any Egyptians?? where are you from?? you must learn all about Egyptian history, right from the pharos to the Romans, then when Christianity and Islam entered Egypt, to the time of the Turks and modern rulers.. it's a long long way along history... read it then you will know... you will find yourself giving yourself suggestions... by the way, don't underestimate Egyptians

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