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Christmas is nearing. What do you think of it ?

Share you ideas , feelings and thoughts about Christmas. How do you celebrate it ? What do you do ?

Christmas is a season wherein we commemorate that Christ was born. This is a very happy holiday. Usually, we share gifts, give thanks and have a reunion with the family, friends, etc... Most important is to give love to everyone , forgive and ask for forgiveness . :)
Merry Christmas on December 25 !


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    thank you for share the question with me :)
    when i was young i will send christmas cards to the people i treasured.
    as i grow up ,i find my interesting on the chinese christmas ,we called it new year ,and it is always comes in january and february , it is biggest day in china (*^__^*) ……so i prefer to maintain my happiness in the traditional festival .
    in that day will visted my relatives and friends , dress up, and make a good wish for next year

    im not a christian so i don't follow the whole christ part of christmas. for me it is just a time to spend with family and enjoy the simpler things that we often forget to appreciate. I will be away from my family again this christmas and for many more to come so it is a hard time for me.

    I don't know what to buy for my wife.

    My kids are easy. . .

    I want an iTunes gift card!

    I'll probably have to go to work. Christmas for me is just another day except with less traffic.

    I think, it's just an excuse for me to have a delicious dinner. And I always find such excuses. ^-^

    I really like with Christmas..
    Before Christmas i will going to my parents home in very small town..
    When Christmas my town always celebrate it with special tradition
    That tradition is we come to every home especially Christian homes (almost families in my small town is Christian) even though we're not having family relations and we eat some cookies.. so before Christmas come every family looking busy coz we're make cookies for everybody that come in our home.
    That tradition have very nice effect..we more closer with all families...

    I'm also not christian as many chinese,however,Christmas is more and moe popular in China,specially for young people.^ ^.

    Christmas.... i really don't know what to think... for me is a time when i can be with my sister and my brother in law who are away from me in all year... thay don't live in the same town as me and i can't see them so frecuently as i would like....
    to be with them, with my mum... these is really important to me....
    so i could say that the meaning of Christmas to me... i to be able to be with my family all these days

    Christ was born at night . in tradition ,It's called safe day in china.

    Mmm.. I'm not a Christian so I don't celebrate Christmas usually. But I'll be involved in the school Carol Service and Christmas skit..

    I'm going to spend Christmas in Lebanon... that is if the country doesn't go into civil war... always that chance with Lebanon... There will probably be lot of snow because my grandparents live in 2km's altitude...

    But before that Finns gonna get payback for ruining my Christmas spirit during the last 4 years when I worked in department stores during the Christmas season... people really don't have any Christmas spirit when they're hoarding for Christmas gifts... they're rude, they bitch, they complain, nothing is fast or good enough... bleeh women are worser in that part than men. Well this December is payback time.

    This video gave me inspiration...

    I'm gonna dress up as Christmas gnome girl, my hubby as Santa Claus and we're gonna run amok in streets, department stores and pretend being drunk... getting drunk isn't good idea. I don't want to end up into police holding cell. We're gonna harass people who lack the Christmas spirit... yeah and better not forget flirting with the husbands of bitchy wifes... my own husband wouldn't mind me doing that especially if it's for good cause. Then I can squirm in my sleep thinking that I have caused few brooding marriage crisises for the Christmas holidays... which seemingly is peak time for them. Yeah I'm mean but it's revenge time!
    ibrings some persan to my girle ferinds

    I don´t like to celebrate christmas. I just have to do it because of my parents. :( For me it just took the important time for work. I don´t like this time where anybody seems to love the others because at the same time I have to work hard and have to think about if I have something to eat tomorrow or have I to starve? I don´t like that all the people live in theyr perfect world during christmas and don´t know that people like me suffer every day. I hate christmas. is sad on my part..cause my family is not mom was working far away from us.. i don't reall celebrate christmas well..

    ah yeah i like christmas...
    even it isnt really a special day in my country, but we,the christian here enjoy it...
    we celebrate it togeteher n of course with our family...
    it becames a special day for me because i seldom to meet my family,,coz live far away from them. n at this day i will go home...
    but the important thing for me,at this day Jesus Christ was born,it's time to celebrate,time to give thanks to HIM coz HIS love to us,gave HIS life n set us FREE...

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