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What's the name of the bathroom inside a bedroom?or What's the name of the bedroom with a bathroom inside?

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    A bathroom inside a bedroom doesn't have a special name. But when you're talking about rooms in a house, it's common for the biggest bedroom to be labelled the "master bedroom" and in modern houses most master bedrooms usually include a dedicated bathroom, but not always. In an architect's drawing, that room might be labelled the "master bath" but this is not a common term to use.
    This answer is about what you call rooms in someone's house. The terminology is different when you're talking about hotel rooms.

    Master bedroom, master bath. Not to be confused with....

    a bathroom inside a bedroom is called an en-suite

    A bathroom directly connected to a bedroom is often called an en-suite bathroom . And an en-suite bathroom attached to two bedrooms is sometimes referred to as a "Jack and Jill bathroom". Sometimes we call a bathroom adjacent to or directly connected to a master bedroom in a private home a master bathroom . Master bedroom is a large room delicated for heads of the house ( usually husband and wife ) . :)

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