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postgraduate in UK

i am a university student now. and this is my second year. i am plan to study postgraduate courses in UK. because i heard about that it only took 1year in UK.
i wanna know that which school of UK is good to study postgraduate courses? besides, i am studing economic courses i wanna the school are suit for me.

and i also want to know the requirements of these school,like the average score in university, IELTS test,etc.

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    i did a little research online and i found this helpful website -

    check it out when you have some time.


    My suggestion is that you had best search the question about'To study postgraduate courses in UK' through google.It's will find the best answer.
    Other search engines are here,,www,,
    Good luck.


    There are plenty of postgraduate programs around the world that are 1 year, just search the internet. And do you want to get a graduate degree in economics or business? Check out

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