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Are there any women in Italki?

hello eveyrbody,

is there any explanation why only males contact me all the time? I dont really like it, most of them are not interested in languages and have not much to say. What about Arabic women on Italki? I hope you are not afraid of talking to European women... I had dozens of requests from Arabic males, but only one from a girl. What's going on with you? Don't you trust yourself? Or maybee you think it's not worth it, talking to other women? Really I don't find any explanation.
Waiting for you :)

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    hi dear ,,, iam arabic femal ,, i will be very happy to contact you and learn you arabic and i wish to help me in learning english
    but i dont think it as you said coz about me i prefer to contact females and learn language with other famels but may iam not always lucky coz most of females whom i added to be my friends i dont see them again online so most of them dont offer ahelp for me in learning english espically european one,,, but really i wish to be aclose friend to european femal , who help me in english learning and me help her in arabic learning

    hi anka ,
    how are you ? well i m arabic and if you like we can chat with each other and share our languages and cultures .it will be a pleasure for me. by the way there is many arabic female but may be u don't connect at the same time or simply they don't speak english anyway have a nice time.
    keep in touch

    Oh I like your question .... it's really totally different. I am Arabic lady and I don't afraid to talk with European people because I can talk with anyone but we should talk about useful things { like exchanging languages } and in a respectful manner and each one of us know his limits.... and I will be so glad and proud if we can talk and I will try to teach you Arabic. I wish to be friends.....waiting for you.

    why u wait for women to start chating with u ........u shuld be search about type of people that u want talking to them . choose ur friend :)

    i agree. i have lots of males wanting to talk but only some females, mostly young and from china. well done those girls.


    Hi salam me too i'am arabe women from algeria nice to meet you sister
    and i will be happy to help you sure in arabic

    Simply because you're the second part of the man?? And supplementing the man
    Thanks 4U

    That looks good...welcome to the "Inter-female Cooperation" :D

    I'm an Arabic student and I'm here to practise my English and make friends from all aver the world. And as I'm self-confident and out-going , I have many friends from both sexes (males and females). Also, I always feel happy whenever I receive a friend request whether the sender is a boy or a girl. And i feel much happier when s/he has good character, good intentions and is ready to share and never let me down... Nice to meet u and I'm ready to help u learn Arabic...

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