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What s uer favorite song?

i really love "i ll always love u" n "my heart will go on" both of those songs very much..How about u?What s uer favorite?

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    I like "my love will get u home" and "Valder Fields"
    they r soft and quite.

    i like savage garden and all of their songs, such as "truly madly deeply" and "santa monica",its really nice...

    what about getbusy......sean boul
    i like this song and i'm alive

    ...sOnGs dAt CaN rELaTeS u.
    PaAnO nA kAyA..

    I like 'The Power of Love from Celine Dion', Killing me softly with his song - Roberta Flack, Low - Flo Rida, I'm Your's - Jason Mraz, Chong Bai - Fish Leong, Tong Hua - Michael Wong, Fix My Makeup - Wax, Woman who lives in love - Wax, Because I'm a woman - KISS

    Oh! I have so many but the top ones are -
    Ballads = 다시 사랑한다면 If We Were to Love Again - Ha Dong Kyun(feat. Kim Bora, Meng Jina, Jun Haewon), 인사 (Insa) - 재중, Kissしたまま、さよなら-TVXQ, One fine spring day - 김윤아, Midnight at the oasis - Maria Maldour
    Pop = 주문 (Mirotic) Rising sun (Japanese version) Purple Line (Korean) all by DBSK,
    Other/rock = Buried Alive by Love - H.I.M., Then there were three... - Genesis.
    This is a Romanian song which has great verses of the great Romanian poet Nichita Stanescu.

    i think that u'll like these songs :
    remember (keyshia cole)
    because u loved me , i'm alive , i'm ur angel (celine dion)
    angels are crying , amore (morandi)
    only you (elvis peresly)
    keep holding on (avril lavigne)
    hero , without u , never too far , i'll be there , my all (mariah carey)
    cry , hate i love u (rihanna)
    i hope u enjoy with those :)

    I like more songs but at this moment > Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall - part 2 (bye the way I am not a student !!! But I like it MUUUUUCH! )
    Nowadays, my favorite songs are '' Ne-Yo ( Miss Independent ) and Hinder ( Without you ) ''

    du bist so schmutzig scorpions

    Stone temple pilots - Plush

    Melallica - One

    I like "Always on my mind" by Elvis Presley
    'White flag' and 'Here with me' by Dido

    Oh... That's wonderful I love the same songs that you love. I like so much ( I will always love you) ... ( My Heart will go on ) .... ( Hero) ... ( Addicted) ... ( Because you loved me ) ... ( Somebody's me ) ... ( I am alive ) ... ( I am not sorry for my love).

    There are many songs I like, but the most is " Smooth" (Carlos Santana).

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