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sometime it is very hard to say "i love you",, my voice cannot move out from my mouth.. i lose my power to open my mouth and my body shakes because i'm very scared to say "i love you". until now, i never say "i love you" to anyone..
could you help me?

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    Some say 1 Word and 2 Gestures is enough to express love.if u cant do that, teach your eyes to talk. They are very powerful.U should look the way that she thinks ur eyes r searching for her.always talk in a caring way. U can do that with ur looks and expressions.face can be made a mirror.make love verbal. listen to the person u love and u smile a lot.Make an impression that u cares her somuch,try to share her thoughts and feelings. Actions speak louder then the words. Also u can do this, say it in a most casual way while you are chatting like a good friend with the intended. It works like a dream. A person is open to listen and in a mood to discuss whatever you say and won't take it in the negative light . as ur scared ,u always thought i will do it later or what she will think if she is not loving me.but my dear friend u don't miss the chance,go ahead, propose her.
    .What does your soul wish to do? Only your soul and intuition can give you true guidance. You can realize what your soul wants by examining your feelings. When you consider a situation in which you do not disclose your love for this girl, what is the first feeling you get? This feeling is reliable guidance, because it comes immediately to you before your mind gets the opportunity to further analyze it.Just focus on and follow that initial pure feeling, and you'll be in alignment with your soul's purpose.listen to ur heart and soul.come on she want to hear from u.

    At the moment you really need to speak it out,
    you may try I L-O-V-E You, that means, spell that word "love",
    or speak it in other language, try Japanese, Korean, Franch..etc.
    i think it's much easier and less pressure for us to express our real thought in other language,
    to instead of our native language.

    Jill gave a very interesting suggestion, I'll try myself too! :)
    Well, it's naturally a very hard thing to say for it's an engagement too; but, you see, when you love someone completely you say it without even thinking, because it's your heart that speaks, not your mouth/throat.
    Good luck!

    sure i can u r not obliged to say i love u but u can allude
    for example u can say a poem to the one who u love or respect to let him know that u care for
    اسلا الحب اميراً لم يكن قبل اسيرا
    فارجموا ذل عزيزاً صار عبداً مستجيرا

    I think if you really Love this person so you can express your Love easily through your eyes .... beacuse I think that the best way to express you love is to let your eyes to tell to your lover all your emotions, passions, and sentiments. Because also may be the person whom you love doesn't love you so if you went to this person to tell that you love and this person refused your love you will feel that you lost your diginity. so you can try your eyes first.
    Try to probe her feelings about you first ,does she care about you? When you being sick or away or....
    And make sure it's genuine love that you feel for this person.
    Then,don't just say it, DO IT.

    It seems to say "I love you" is much more difficult for Asian people? I love my parents, but I've never said this to them. If you can't say it, just write it. Write it in a letter or a card is the same way to express. Good luck.

    You can't say "I love you" because that person makes you feel uneasy and you lose your control near her(she gives you emotions). When you feel secure and you know for sure she's your lover, then you will tell her that you love her, I'm sure about this.

    i make my actions speak louder than words
    I do not say compliments that often to people
    because if I say to someone, I really mean it

    u dont need to force urself to do that.
    I guess probably have no strong feeling so u cant.
    just listen to ur heart.u know wat u want.
    i think this cant not help.

    If you really love someone the words will come out without forcing yourself! Try to say this words in other lenguages such as: je t'aime (French) or Te amo-(Spanish) or Ohiboka- Arabic. I can assure you this will make you feel more relaxed and romantic!
    P.S. Saying I love you will not compromise you in anyway! It doen't mean you are asking someone in marriage! So.... love love love!
    Frankly face to face.

    Hmm... Well if you have problem saying it out, perhaps you would want to consider "showing" it out?
    Have "I love you" printed or written on your shirt, wear a jacket over it. When you are in front of her, "flash" it out :D
    Does it work? Well... It worked for my mum though, during Mother's Day :D

    hey,friend,i got the same problem as you? if someday you ravel out,please tell me your course.thank you.good luck!

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