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Plus a cup of coffee when what?

A cup of coffee when salt !
Don't know why ,maybe a habit!

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    I think you mean "A cup of coffee with what?"

    Coffee with salt is not common in westen countries. Is it common in your country?

    Be careful! Too much salt can be unhealthy!

    Coffee with salt???? Ewwww, I never heard of anyone drinking coffee like that. Milk/cream and sweetener yes but not salt.
    That tastes certainly quite strange, I think.
    Now that I've seen people adding sugar to an otherwise lovely fresh lettuce/salad [ Oh la la !!! C'est un scandale... ;) ] nothing surprises me...
    Improving coffee - A pinch of salt in coffee will enhance the flavor and remove the bitterness of over-cooked coffee.
    Cleaning coffee pots - Remove bitterness from percolators and other coffee pots by filling with water, adding four tablespoons of salt and percolating or boiling as usual.

    Coffe with o without sugar and a pinch of salt is very good, really. Many people like it. And when the tomato is not very good with sugar is better,that is a cooking secret. But not with lettuce, please.

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