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How do people celebrate the New Year in Russia?

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    They usually celebrate the New Year in the circle of their families or friends.
    Sometimes they lay presents for each other under the fir-tree (usually for children).
    There is an unwritten custom in Russia - the people are sure to have champagne and tangerines on the table. They say in Russia – How you meet the New Year as you spend the whole year. Many drink a lot and have fun the whole night even though it isn’t proper for them for they wish have no problem this year.
    Anyway when I used to live in Siberia I was shocked last 3 years ‘cause a lot of drunk people were walking on the streets the entire 10 days (so-called the Christmas vacations from the 1st of Jen. to the 10th of the Jen.).
    That's probably the most awesome holyday for young people. The younger ones get the most desired gifts and plenty of sweets. Teenagers go meet with friends at night and have a good time. Adults give presents to children and relatives, arrange feasts at home for family and sometimes invite friends or relatives, usually on the next day, 1 of january, to make a bigger party. Many people can let themselves squander this much money on things they long for only these days a year.

    a lot of drink (Champagne. there is common custom to open it at 0.00) and food (traditional "Olivie" salad) and a lot of funs. Also fur-tree and Ded Moroz (like Santa) with his grand daughter (Snegurochka).
    Many presents and jokes. Celebratory TV show. After 0.00 many people go to any big fur-tree (It is installed on city square).
    And of course the celebratory fireworks.
    Like in no other country in the world!!!

    obi4no,kak i vse lydi:))
    We have some kind of middle class in Russia. These people, of any age, nowadays prefer to go to Thailand/Egypt to meet the New Year.

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