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At the end of the day marriage life may becomes the living hell. agree??长久婚姻生活是人间炼狱。你同意/不同意?

A couple in long run it's very difficult to obey the marital laws and to keep the promises that people make before the God.
Do u agree??? or disagree??? reason. Thank you.

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    interesting question for me.. coz i m not married yet. but i am not agree that marriage is a living hell. It depents on your life partner. As per our culture and religion poeple obey the marital law and keep the promise for whole of the life. hope this answers the question.

    这要看婚前都约定了什么 某种意义上讲 活着就是一直在忍受折磨 疾病 痛苦 不幸以及这样那样的灾祸

    无论是否出于本心 当一件事演变成一种责任乃至义务的时候都会失掉它最初的美丽 婚姻也是如此 爱从发自内心的奉献变成了责任和义务 人都会累 这是每一代人都会经历和面对的 只是越来越多的人不愿意去承担这份责任而选择逃离

    从人的本性而言 婚姻和爱情都是人为的产物 现在思考这个问题也是历史的必然 社会进步的标志 婚姻从远古到宗教到法律再到自由 要经历几千年的演变 这是非常不容易的

    I agree with flexone since i'm not married I can't say for sure. However, it depends how the couple sees their marriage - whether it's half empty or half full? Getting to know one another before rushing in to marriage is the best way of building a good foundation. Lastly, SOMETIMES bad marriages can affect a child's attitude towards marriage in either a positive or negative way. In my opinion, marriages these are SOMETIMES not worth the paper it's written on.

    If anyone is planning to get married ask yourself this 'Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life and being faithful to that one person?'

    NO,wo don't think so .This is why we are in the word.

    are u asking like "based on God and religion"? if yes, i can't make sense that question(I don't have any religions; I'm japanese). the promise could be between persons, and marriage is not like"in prison". if u feel a fear with marriage such as "what happened after marriage", don't try to get to married. but remember why humans are still alive in this world and not extinct cuz we manage to be alive and give births to next generations. that's not cuz of promise on altar. people can find a partner or partners with LOVE eventually. :D

    Bottom line? It is all up to you.!


    Anybody has a possibility to experience a living hell after marriage. And if you think that your happiness depends on the partner, you can't get out of the hell. Only when you develop the ability to create a living heaven in that situation, you can get an eternal love.
    I think the most valuable thing in a marriage is to learn how to change a hell into a heaven.

    i have heard a lot that mariage ruins the makes me afraid of that now,but marriage is really not only related to love,it needs a lot of responsibility.

    i disagree. it really comes down to the two people and there is no way to apply a blanket rule to all marriages like that.

    My parents for example have been married for 36 years and are with each other pretty much 24/7 as they run their own small business together and of course live together as well. of course they argue from time to time, but they are also very happy and love each other very much. My father still regularly kisses and cuddles my mother and I think that is great =)

    Make the right choice or lucky choice, whatever it may be, and you will have a great person to share a lifetime with.

    No. I did not egree with u .the life marriage I think its very beautiful and stable . so what you will said about that.if you will find some one care about you and you will become responsibility.

    speaking of this topic, it all depends.
    actually, in my opinion, after lovers have fallen in love for years, then they get marriaged. after they get marriaged for many years, the feeling of love will turn into the feeling of means they no longer have attarction. they have familiared with each other. so maybe that's the reason someone say the long marriage life may becomes the living hell...bec they don't know how to live longer, facing a person everyday....well, it msut be admitted that it's normal. bec every intense feeling will turn into flat finally. at that moment, it's time to test the couple. if they have enough responsiblities, their marraige could be maintained. if not, the love affair will happen


    you ask and use the word "MAY". so i agree with you that sometime its become so but not for all. its depend upon you and life partner. By the way its my observation and guess not practicle experiment. on marraige day i will tell you my personal experience.ha ha ha

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