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Which do you use more, "nós" or "a gente"?

I have learned that in Portuguese you can either use "nós" or "a gente" as a subject pronoun for "we", but which is used more? Do you use them in different situations? Is one more formal? Is "a gente" easier to use because you don't have to conjugate the verb into the 1st person plural form? Is it the same to say "Nós queremos falar português" y "A gente quer falar português"?

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    Hi !
    I use more "a gente" because it is informal and I use with friends, and it is easier. a lot of people say "nós" wrong.
    for example: nós VAI assistir um filme. that's totally wrong, but the people say it a lot.
    and in formal conversantions I always use "nós" in correct way, but with friends I always say "a gente", because if I say "nós" in correct way, they probably will say : your nerd. hehe
    Filipe has said very well! I only highlight another mistake people make using "a gente". Some people use "a gente" with the first of plural conjugation. This is completely wrong. Never say: "a gente queremos...". Only "a gente quer...".
    Other observation: at my age, no one will say I'm a nerd if I say "Nós....". So, it depends of your relationships. But, "a gente" is always more informal than "Nós".
    I use more "a gente" because it is informal and I use with friends.

    Ashley , "a gente" is more informal .
    But I believe is more foneticaly right the use of nós , ok ?

    Bye Sandro

    Sei que você está aprendendo português, então colocarei aqui minha reposta em pt. Bem, sabemos que "a gente" é informal, e "nós" é usado em ambientes formais, mas tudo depende da região do Brasil. É muito difiícil definir o que é mais usado ou o q é mais formal. Pergunto para vc se for uma reunião de amigos?? A escolha correta não depende se é formal ou não, depende da ocasião do uso. Deixo aqui uma bibliografia para vc ler: Abraços!! Espero ter ajudado.

    Here in Brazil, we use "nós" when we talk formally. it is the same to the english pronoun "we". We use "a gente", when we talk informally.But, the most corret form is "we". A gente is just a little slang, used a lot among friendly chats, but it is not correct.

    Hi, Ashley!..."A gente" is informal..."nós"is correct in formal situations...I like to use "nós"...always...this way i will not forget the correct word, i work in a hospital and it's necessary to use a polite conversation...Best wishes^_^

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