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What Does 'lo que' Mean and How Is It Used?

I've looked in the dictionary, and it says that 'lo que' means whatever or whichever. However, I encountered some phrases like 'No todo lo que brilla es oro' and the definition doesn't make sense anymore. How to use 'lo que' in a sentence and how is it difeerent from 'que'? Help, anyone? Thanks in advance. !Muchas gracias!

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    I think this can help you understand:
    It is not an easy answer because you can use LO in many ways. In this case, it is a neuter definite article referring to any thing. The translation of this quote is "not everything that glitters is gold"

    No todo lo que brilla es oro = No todo aquello que brilla es oro= No todas las cosas que brillan son oro.
    Otra versión de este refrán es: "No todo cuanto reluce es oro" o "No es oro todo lo que reluce"
    En esta página, si te interesa, puedes mirar "que" y "lo" :

    As Ale said, it is a neuter definite article referring to any thing ( the third person in its neutral form) so it refers to things or concepts. So, if you say:

    "lo que pasa es que..." you are saying "what happen is...
    "lo que me está molestando es..." you'll say "what is bothering me, is that...
    "lo que dije es..." = "What i said is..."

    So as you can see, is not that hard, just needs a little practice!

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