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How Do You Say 'That Sucks' in Spanish

Or something to that effect.

Muchas Gracias :-)

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    Eso apesta! yes, it's OK... however is just a adoption from english a tranliteration. In spanish, well, it depends on the situation but most commonly you will say

    i know that sucks! = si, odio cuando pasa eso! (kind of i hate when that happen)
    man, that sucks! = hombre, eso es terrible or hombre, que gacho!

    OK, i hope it helps!
    un garrón, que mal, no boludo un bajón.... (perdón por la palabra bol... pero en Argentina lo usamos mucho)

    The best translation would be "Esto apesta!" or "Es un garrón" there's no need of using bad words.

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