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If you could change ONE thing about THIS world, what would it be?

ending wars... stopping poverty... a better understanding between us???

Whatever is on your mind let me know... ;)

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    educate everyone and share the resources on earth equally ......... Result: no war, no poverty and no conflıcts - human beıngs are exccellent choıce makers, ıf they are gıven the opportunıty - forget about any ımposed moral map, ıt never works
    No one knows better than himself/herself, so change yourself first before you change anything. It's just like riples, at first it looks so small, but later it grows bigger. We each influnences one another,at the begining the effect is as small as riples, but it could be as huge as tidal waves later.

    Single finger will never strengthful than a unied fist.
    Not settling for mediocrity.

    will in fact ther's many things shuld be change in this world , but for now i want change that the idea people in the west have it about muslim people , it's a realy bad idea, but anyway no one can force anyone to do anything , so we do our best to let people have a good idea about us, but some of them can understand and the rest can't or don't i just want That to be equality of treatment bitween all the people in this world , And to be treated without see if this person black or whit, Christian or muslim .....or don't have any relegion , i mean for that we are a human right? hhhhhhhhhhhh :)

    racism, its the root of all evil, besides money haha

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