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我住在北京的话我经常去老上海饭店吃饭。非常好吃。 我特别喜欢roudingjiabao 和 chachabao。这些菜怎么走?

when i lived in beijing i went to a restaurant called lao shanghai fandian alot. and i really miss there food.
especialy roudingjiabao and chachabao.
im hopeing that someone knows how they are made so i can try to make some.
they also made some thing that looked like a spring roll. deepfried with bambo and pork. but forgot what it was called:(

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    你说的是“城隍庙小吃”吧!(cheng2 huang2 miao4 xiao3 chi1)
    roudingjiabao 应该是 肉丁煎包? 我忘记了,我只记得有生煎包sheng1 jian1 bao1,和酱肉包子jiang4 rou4 bao1 zi ....>< i forgot, i just have ate this...
    chachabao是叉烧包吧 cha2 shao1 bao1
    "这些菜怎么走" it should be "这些菜怎么做"

    主料:外皮低筋面粉(flour)150g,细砂糖(sugar)30g,泡打粉(baking powder)1+1/2小匙(spoon),水water180㏄,猪油(cooking oil )1+1/2小匙(spoon),内馅叉烧片(barbecued pork)150g 叉烧酱(Sauce)210g
    (1)将面粉筑成面粉墙,中间留出一个小洞(make Flour built into the "wall", set aside a small hole in the middle),加入细砂糖、泡打粉、水、猪油,混和均匀后(mix up sugar,baking powder,water,cooking oil ),搓揉成面团(dough)。
    (2)叉烧片barbecued pork 切小丁scrap 后,和叉烧酱混合成馅料备用。
    (3)面团dough分切成30g小粒,用桿面棍桿开成圆形(round),包入30g馅料,做成包子状,用大火蒸braise 6分钟即可。


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