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Could you please translate this sentences in pin yin?

Your annoying!
I know how you feel.
How could you dare say that.
I donnot believe you.
Please help me God.
Please don't cry.
I understand your situation
Your so funny
What an idiot
Ouch! That hurts
How did you do that
Please forgive me.
Why can't I go?
I'm so lucky
This is so easy.
I do not care
It does not make sense
get out of the way
Where did you find that?
What am I suppose to do?
Not again
Fine! I'll do it
I'm lost
My heart aches
Why did you do that?
I cannot take it anymore?
What can I do for you?
Can you hear me?
No, it's not here
Yes it is here

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    ni zhen tao yan
    wo zhi dao ni de gan jue
    ni zen me neng zhe me shuo
    wo bu xiang xin ni
    shen a , bang bang wo
    bie ku
    wo li jie ni de qing kuang
    ni zhen you qu
    zhen shi ge sha gua
    !!!zhen teng!!!
    ni shi zen me zuo dao de?
    qing yuan liang wo
    wo wei shen me bu neng zou?
    wo zhen xing yun
    zhe hen jian dan
    wo bu zai hu
    zhe xue bu tong
    zou kai(or gun kai,but this one is rude)
    ni zai na zhao dao de?
    wo ying gai zen me ban?
    bu xu you xia yi ci
    tai hao le !wo zuo dao le!!
    wo mi lu le
    wo de xin hen shou shang
    ni wei shen me zhe me zuo?
    wo zai ye ren bu liao le!!
    wo neng wei ni zuo shen me?
    ni neng ting jian ma?
    bu ,bu zai zhe
    shi ,zai zhe

    Do u wanna figure out the pronounciation? O Chinese characters?


    wow very nice job Iris Li

    ni hen tao yan
    wo zhi dao ni de xiang fa
    ni zen me neng shuo na xie hua
    wo bu xiang xin ni le
    shang di qing jiu jiu wo
    bu yao ku
    wo ming bai ni de chu jing
    ni tai ke xiao le
    zhen shi ge sha zi
    ou!na hen shang ren
    ni zen me neng na yang zuo
    qing yuan liang wo
    wo wei he bu neng zou?
    wo ru ci xin yun
    wo bu zai hu
    na xie bu qi ren he zuo yong/mei you ren he yi yi
    cong wo yan qing xiao shi/zou kai
    ni zai na li zhao dao de?
    wo gai ru he shi hao?
    mei you xia yi ci
    hao ba!wo hui zuo dao
    wo mi shi le
    wo de xin hen teng
    ni wei shen me na me zuo?
    wo zai ren shou bu liao le
    wo hai neng wei ni zuo xie shen me
    ni neng ting dao ma?
    bu,bu zai zhe.
    shi,zai zhe.
    hmm.. done~~~

    ohh...found a mistake..
    cong wo yan qing xiao shi/zou kai
    should be
    cong wo yan* qian *xiao //shi

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