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Suggest me the place where U think is suitable/U had been choose for ur Honeymoon?有什么蜜月地点好介绍?

Any good suggestion for the place which U think is interesting and suitable for honeymoon?
Describe and explain the place u had choosed/will be choose as ur honeymoon.
It can be located in any corner around the world.
Sent me the interesting link of the place if possible.


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    Honeymoon Suggestions for Chinese Couples
    1. China, Hainan. Enjoy the tropical sunshine and the beach. And price is quite reasonable.
    2.Japan, enjoy Japanese style hot springs.
    3. HongKong, Disneyland. (Though there would be one in Pudong, Shanghai soon)
    4.Australia, enjoy the beach that belongs to you two only. (There are some small beaches. Beautiful
    and quiet)
    5.Africa, maybe you can enjoy the great view and have better connection with those wild animals.
    And see whether you can get a great diamond ring. I heard that Africa is famous for that.
    6. Thailand, I heard that they have really nice hotels at truly reasonable prices.
    7. Vietnam, nice food at reasonable prices as well
    8.Turkey, one of my italki friends is from Turkey. Nice place, great food and totally different culture.
    Ultimate Option: Travel to the Moon. That is a true HoneyMoon. Maybe a good option for newly weds a hundred or 50 years later.

    My honeymoon was in Australia. My wife and I went to Gold Coast, Cains, Port Douglas. We enjoy golf, swimming, shoping, eating seafoods, and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Leaf. Its so exciting and fantastic. Surfers Paradise is such an attractive street, and you can also enjoy Movie World.
    We stayed Sheraton Mirage Hotel. Thats sophisticated and excellent!

    Gold Coast is located in Queensland:,_Queensland
    Port Douglas:,_Queensland
    Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas:
    Pls check this out!

    Oahu forgot Hawaii even though it's one of his favorite places to go. Many many people from all over the world come to Waikiki beach for their honeymoon.

    椰林树影 水清沙白的马尔代夫 两口子3万块就行

    PARIS!!! Do I really have to explain why? You can find EVERYTHING in Paris, as it is the centre of the world: culture, panoramas, amusement, shopping, great buildings; you can visit any and many of its aspects, or only one several times, and it always be new even if it's the same... I'd never leave it if I could.
    However I suggest you not to go there in the main turistic seasons; in winter, for example, Paris belongs to Pairisians only, and you'll easily discover its true nature. If you go there in summer, you'll have to be clever enough to distinguish between touristic places and Parisians places :)
    Have a sweet honeymoon!

    it's a very difficult question ^^
    Though i've never gone there, but my recommendation is Alaska to see aurora.
    it must be very beautiful. I want to see that through my eyes.
    I also recommend Republic of Maldives.
    Some of my friends went there for honeymoon and they said "you must go!".


    Hi!!! I really dont know... But I will think about it and I ll write you later. Ok??? I promise)))

    hmmm... I don't know but i think my wife in future will love me so much and i will go for that place where she wants to go. And that is my commitment to my unseen wife

    I went to New Caledonia for honeymoon.
    My wife had a dream she went to New Caledonia when she get married.
    She saw a Japanese cinema named "Ten goku ni ichi ban chikai shima".
    I agreed with her to there ^^
    Sky and sea is all blue. Very very beautifule place.
    You could swim with pretty fishes in the sea ^^

    ı can suggest you İSTANBUL in TURKEY because there you can fınd whatever you imagıne and ı am sure about thıs thre ıs no another country more beautiful than istanbul and turkey....

    hmm..although..I'm not married yet..but If I were to pick a place to go on a would be:
    1) Switzerland - nice and beautiful place.
    2) Thailand - it very pretty their and the people are very friendly.
    3) Barcelona, Spain - very nice and romantic place. Nice city lights.
    4) Hawaii - beautiful beaches.
    5) London, Uk - it nice but very expensive.

    I would like to go to Aruba for my honeymoon although it is some years away =)

    or cancun, chiapas, michoacan, or cape city xD

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