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Do you prefer to live in a city or a village ? why?

هل تفضل ان تعيش في مدينة او قرية ؟

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    the city have it's advantages and so the village,in my opinion i'd love to live in the city but u know the city becomes booring sometimes so the only way out is the village (especially if it has a beautiful nature)

    Depends on how far I would have to go to get an iced coffee.

    I love to live in a modern city.
    But I do not really love NYC.. the traffic there is horrible...
    Certainly City.
    I do like city life more than village.


    Now I am at my 30s. I do enjoy city life more. I am wondering if I am at my 40s, I'd prefer village life.

    هلا وغلا ميدو كيفك

    if i were retired and had my own car, i think
    i would prefer a village. but since i don't have a car
    and i still have to work for a living, i think i'm better off
    living in the city for the moment.

    Most like to live in the city.
    For me too. Now aday I want to live in the city bec i have a job in here and study and earn money for my self.
    but when I can earn more more moneyand when I am become an old I would prefer go to live in the outskirt/village.

    If I can choose where to live, I will prefer a village. Living in a city is full of pollution, sometimes i can't breathe easily, feel so stressed. So a village will be a better choice to enjoy a fresh air, a new environment.


    i like the village it's more comfortable and calm

    in a city

    I like live in a modern village , because i like nature ,

    I'd like to live in country, for there are fresh air,birds,many flowers and trees,and pure people!
    The most important is that cityies are crowded,conpetitive,and it make people depressed.
    i'd like to live in a country to get fresh air and sit without noise

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