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Beauty versus Intelligence

Imagine one day you were facing god, HE gives you two choices of lives. The first choice is, you will be born to be a beautiful person. Second is, you will be born to be an intelligent person. Unfortunately, you can't have both. (>.< too bad)
Many would choose the later one because they say beauty doesn't last.
What if god says "You can have a lasting beauty".
What do you say? Beauty or Intelligence?

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    on my perception id go for intelligence.. beauty is not always based on how you look.. there is a deeper meaning behind the word beauty..

    If God said I would have lasting beauty, I would take beauty- intelligence can be learnt, beauty can't. Also, I believe that awareness and an ability to learn is more important than cleverness- I would rather be aware and well-informed and dull than smart and ignorant and incurious. But there are lots of conditionals here which make this question a lot more complicated than a simple bilateral choice, and I would want to clarify them all with God before making my decision.
    Beauty can only get you so far but intelligence can open the world up to you.

    Hmm, quite a tricky question...

    In my opinion, intelligence is not something that you come to this world with. It is something that you acquire and build up through your daily encounter with people, things & happenings in life (after birth events, of course), that is, I am talking about your life experience. Unless, there exist people like Peter Petrelli or Hiro Nakamura (in TV drama - Heroes) then that is a different story altogether :P

    For beauty, hmm, well, it does change over time too, if you are referring to physical appearance. It is not very true to say that you cannot change your appearance the way you want it. Well, we have Botox :) We have skillful plastics surgeons around :) Of course, we can talk about internal beauty. Again, that's something that I think is nurtured by environment, that is, one's upbringing.

    So, as for myself, since I lack "beauty" at the moment, I will pick that one :))

    hehe... I choose "Beauty".

    Why? hmm... My level of intelligence is at average . It's okay for me. I don't expect much. But my beauty...I don't have it.

    of course intelligence,if you are clever enough,you can find many beautiful girls as your friends,maybe one of them is your future wife.and many beautiful things will gather around you.In a word ,if you own the intelligence,you will own the beauty of the world.

    Since I see some lack of science here, I'll be the one to say intelligence is NOT something you're born with: it's demonstrated that our different brains cause us not to be born with the same intelligence level.
    On the other hand, we are born with some beauty but we can also make ourslves some – not talking about make-ups, I mean beauty is a question of self-care, non-somking :P... and a behave too!
    So, if God said me I couldn't have both, this meant I could be intelligent and not beautiful (that isn't necessarely ugly), or beautiful and not intelligent (that isn't necessarely stupid); now I'm pretty ugly (word corner:)) and very intelligent, that is, I'm intelligent enough to appreciate my own particular face and – what's most important – to have some inner beauty (the one Froi was talking about). And I'm happy.
    Maybe I should try the other way to be, try something new; but I'm so proud and stubborn! I'd say: it's ok, God, let me be as intelligent as you can and as ugly as you need. :)
    I would go with intelligence. While beauty is nice, using intelligence I feel like I could contribute a lasting effect towards society.

    I prefer intelligence to beauty, because these days cosmetic surgery can make an unbeautiful person to be attractive and seductive. However, the most important thing everyone needs to have that is metal beauty - it is by far better than the beauty of a face or intelligence.

    I would go with intelligence as well.Intelligence can help u to make uerself beatiful n get pleasure out of life,but beauty never ever can help u to be an intelligent person...And also picking intelligence isn't necessarely being it?


    "beauty is in the eyes of beholder",) i prefer intelligence in looking the inside beauty of the person.! since intelligence mean you are able to understand, you are wit if you perceive the person who's not beauty therefore you are searching for an explanation of how and why the person looks beauty....

    The Question was quite confusing for me because it was not clearly stated, I don't mean to hurt Estevan.

    I would prefer Intelligence. You know why?
    Well, what's the use of beauty when you don't have intelligence? Beauty can really be so deceiving however, many people really wants it. For example, you are in a beauty contest, from the sports wear to swimsuit to long gowns, you are stunningly beautiful and gorgeous. And here comes the Question and Answer portion, you have been asked by the host about the question and you can't answer it. Do you think the impression you give from sports wear-swimsuit-long gown are still left or instilled in the judges and audience? Well, maybe but do you think they would just neglect the Q and A portion? The judges and audience would really say, "She really has good looks! But no brain." Would you like people saying that?
    And, even if you're not that beautiful, at least you have a brain. So, you gain nothing and lost nothing. You can always see the beauty in a person not just in physical but also in emotional, spiritual and social and the insides of you--your personality, the way you handle yourself can knock out people out there. =)


    i'am beautiful adn intelligent))):i'am sure

    If you're born beautiful you could educate yourself.
    It wouldn’t be as easy as if you were born intelligent but it is definitely achievable.
    I value intelligence very highly, but being naturally beautiful provides you with a lot more opportunities in life.

    ^_^ Well...a good question...Many people today are looking for the perfect beauty in their bodys, faces...They forget that the true beauty is inside...And the intelligence too. A person can be interesting when we discover "a beautiful intelligence"...If God ask me a decision, i would choise the intelligence...the people would remind me though the time...with my ideas and feelings...Best wishes!

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