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"el arból Yggdrasil" translation continues! proofread my translation please:)

This is my second instalment of my ongoing translation of the book "el arból Yggdrasil"

De preferencia le hubiera gustado liberar de inmediato a la Serpiente de Mídgard y al lobo Fenris, pero, ello parecía del todo imposible. Héimdal mantenía vigilancia permanente y estaba siempre listo a dar la alarma con su Gialarhorn por si alguien se acercaba a alguno de los monstruos. Loki mismo no era tan fuerte y con seguridad él solo no podría contra Héimdal.
Pero su mente estaba calmada de sed de venganza contra los asas.

my English translation:
He had rather preferred to free the Midgård snake and the wolf Fernis straight away, but it seemed entirely impossible. Héimdal maintained a watchful eye all the time and was always ready to sound the alarm with his Gialarhorn if anyone would get (himself) close to the monsters. Loki was not as strong and alone he had surely no chance against Héimdal.
But his mind remained calm from the quest for revenge against the asas.

I dont know how to translate the last part with revenge, should it be quest, thirst, hunger or none of them in proper english?!

Thanks again for all your help. I'm translating from a normal book so I need help to check if my translations are correct:)

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