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my best friend lose her own life for her boyfriend Is she worth it?

i want to say boy friend is not your entirly life
your life should have belong to yourself
there are many fangle you can discover

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    Her life is given by her parents who invested both love, money and time over more than 20 years (if your friend is more than 20 years old). She owes her whole life to her parents and should respect it. Many people wants to keep their life, but could not (eg, Sichuan earthquake). Is it fair?

    If she suicided and you mean to say you don't think she did right, I agree with you – life is so short and precious and alone, so we should try and try to live it at the best; however we cannot rightly judge her unless we are in her shoes (that obviously is impossible to do).
    I'd never suicide for any who makes me suffer, even my boyfriend, because I value life too much. But I think I'd accept to die in order to save his life – this would be a very extreme case anyway.
    She's never worth it if she commits suicide because of her boyfriend.What a waste!and if she did it she will go to hell because only God has the right to take our life back.

    wow thats so sad to hear. i agree with all the answers. love is a strong thing, but family bond should be stronger

    nothing is more wortwhile than one 's own life,because if only when you live everthing has a sense but if you dont live,the rest doesnt deserve any worth.

    when a young student falls in love he throws everything to the dogs--knowledge,money honor as a girl cowardice misfortune.
    the heart is most receitful that no one can understand.
    life is a maybe.

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