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when you cry?


for me
when i see el hujjaj (in el ka3ba) for el haj i cry ,i don't know why?
when i see in tv== palestenian people in unfair,i cry
when i see korean drama (fin)===))): i cry
when i can't help hwo need help sure i cry
sometime when i give bad point at test in universite ))): i cry

and you
when you cry?
i hope know inn korea how i witte a word
i cry
we cry
you cry
i can't stop to cry
we can't stop to cry
why i cry
why you cry
why we cry
cry,for what?

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    Well, I could have an opportunity to visit elmementary&middle Korean school in Yamaguchi when I stayed in Japan. Honestly I didn't know even the school was near where I was. The teachers and students in the school all were Korean. Well.. Strictly speaking, they are North Korean. They speak North Korean and respect Kim Il-seong and Kim Jeong-il or teach the students respect them. I've never met any North Korean people before the time. So I had been a little shocked, and it was sorta different from just running into any Korean people in a foreign country. I had cried when I've been leaving there. I didn't know why. Although we are all Korean, we can't freely travel anywhere in North Korea as we travel anywhere in South Korea, or can't get along together. It's made me cry... :'(

    cry 울다 / I cry 나 울어요 / I can't stop crying 그칠 수가 없어요 / why I cry 나 왜 울죠 / why you cry 왜 울어요 / cry for what 뭐 때문에 울어요
    At any time

    sometimes when i'm sad.
    sometimes when i'm happy.

    I can't cry for my bad marks at school anymore cause I cried a lot lately !!
    I cry when I watch a sad anime (like Death note) or korean drama too hehe ( like Sad love story ..haa!!! you can't imagine how sad was it , and I remember ربيع العمر was sad too korean drama always make me cry ) and of course muslims cry for their bad acts in this life !
    May allah's peace , mercy and blessing be upon you !

    A,well, when I cry ,most of time I miss my mother,and one time for breaking with my ex-bf and other time when I lost some one.....many reasons....
    For many reasons,when i'am happy i cry , and when i'am sad i cry, when i lose a good friend i cry,,,

    wawawaawawawawawaaw u r really amazing iam so proud to be one of ur friends
    well u opened a big door to me if i start i will not end as i always say i like to knock the injuries so i will summrize and i will talk honestly
    i cry when i see the song of aldameer alarabi it talks about palastin it is really effective
    i feel that iam close to cry when i see the picture of my friends and my family and think that the beautiful days have gone and iwill be alone
    i told u i will not end
    also when i see some one needs help and i cant do anything for him

    i really cant express how much i like ur topics

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