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please help me translate these into tagalog

-how are you?
-i am good
-thank you
- what's new with you?
-good bye
-good night
-good morning

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    -how are you?__kumusta ka? kumusta=how you=ka

    -i am good__mabuti mabuti=good

    -thank you__salamat

    - what's new with you?__anong bago sayo? or anong bagong balita sayo? anong=what bagong= new sayo=with you balita=news

    -good bye__paalam

    -good night__magandang gabi

    -good morning__magandang umaga

    In Filipino you don't need to translate all words from English because it will sound awkward.
    hello = Hello
    -how are you? = Kumusta? (need not to translate the phrase "are you")
    -i am good = "mabuti" (need not to translate the phrase "I am") usually we use "ayos lang" than "mabuti"
    -thank you = Salamat
    - what's new with you? = Anong bago? (You don't need to add the translation of the word "you")
    -good bye = Paalam. When we talk in phone we use "bye" we don't use "paalam"because you will sound poetic.
    -good night = Magandang Gabi (Same with good evening) if he or she is older, you add the word "po" at the end. "Magandang gabi po."
    -good morning = Magandang Umaga. Same principle as above add "po" for older people.

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