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friends what u think about learning chinese,,hard or easy?

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    it's very easy.i can help you.if you often use it,you can learn how to use it.come on!
    friend it is hard

    not very can chatting with chinese friends.

    very easy.english is very hard.

    If you are ready, you can make it. Good luck
    If you want to learn,then its easy.
    If you do not want to learn,then its hard.
    Have fun.

    i think most of other country people think it's hard as we think english is hard
    if you always use one Language,you will never think it's hard .
    but if you learn it and usually use it ,i think it never be very hard
    Frankly speaking,Chinese is really a little hard . Because there are so many Chinese characters ,idioms, and it's alittle complicated. We can never finish the study about Chinese .
    But if you want to learn it ,it is easy to know some simply sentences .
    and you will learn more in practice.
    that is just my idea.
    hople your Chinese is more and more good
    (*^__^*) ……

    well,.........for me its hard to learned chinese because its sounds different...

    I don't think it hard as others said.
    firstly,you must have a correct method of study chinese.
    for example ,you haven't to emphsis on the grammar.
    just to speak out loudly,listening more.
    make friends with chinese.
    chinese are very warm-hearted and helpful.
    And ,you must leave several times for you chinese.
    Success belongs to the persevering.

    I think is easy。 I think my chinese is good。If you ...I can help you!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think it hard .As a language there will have some skill and need your hard work.I
    think when you study something you must insist on learning don't give up .Come on ,go go.

    not hard if u are my student^^

    Chinese is quite diffirent with other western languages, since its tones and characters. I can't say it's easy because it's my mother language, but sometimes big diffirence make things look more difficult! Thinking of this, Chinese is not really hard!

    of cos easy for native people~but for foreigners it seems hard to learn cos you must learn both pinyin and chinese characters...

    well,for chinese,it's easy.but chinese is too wide,nobody could study it very well,even chinese.for chinese learners,you study how to speak chinese,but other skills like chinese students learning is difficult sometimes.i think ancient prose is too hard for chinese learners.

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