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Your deepest spiritual experiences

When do you get your deepest spiritual connections? what do you do to get them? Where are you when you get them?

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    I perform Puja regularly,in the monring.I go to pilgrimage regularly.i read scriptures often.These help in conditioning of my mind.
    But answering your question,I get spriritual connections when I do mediation, leave everything to God, surrundering to him.
    It has happened to me several times. Once I went to Tirupati , a famous shrine in Andhra Pradess of India. I was looking into his eyes, and sueednly, I felt that I should not drink any alcohol.I did not take any alcohol since 1996,
    I was attending a program on Pranayam( breathing excerise being conducted by Art of Living Guru, Bhai Praveen Kumar, at the end of the course, we were asked to meditate, keep eyes closed and move around and stop at one position, and choose the person in front, and become freinds, irrespective of social statys, educational back ground or any thing like that.When I did this, a person in front of me was a driver working with me, and he is my firned.The feeling which I got when i opened my eyes was, I think, that I have been able relate with the GOD,When ever I recall that incident, the same feeling comes back to me .
    I recently was in a temple , and when I came out, i saw a months' baby lying open with its mother begging for alms.When I clicked my fingers at the baby, the innocent smile it had flashed at me took me to such a mental state, I thought that I have seen the GOD.
    We ahve Carnatik Music in India, which is rendered in the praise of GOD, or seeking his blessings, some of the Keertanas are so pwerfull, that they take me into a state of realisation.
    There have been many situations like this in my life, which makes me feel that I am able to see some things.
    When you are really felt that you have been able to relate to the GOD, you have the feeling of spiritual connection.I short, I may say, that when you do some thing god for your fellow being, you can feel the spiritual connestion.
    Therefore I tend to agrre with Fares in genearl.

    one person meet people like u then he will be spiritual

    i get them everyday in my daily prayers :)
    they are my direct link to God the Almighty
    up to this day i've never failed to perform even a single out of the daily 5,
    all praises belong to Him. I am satisfied with life and without prayers, i'm all dried out.
    interesting ques ^-^
    thank you dear about this question....
    I get them permanently in my prayers, which are strong link that connect me of God of worlds. get them when my sitting to read some verses of the Holy Koran, in invocation, in speculative to create of God, in every prostration and kneeling.

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