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To introduce italki to more online users, the team is preparing one video and audio testimonial section. If you want to share with thousands of others your italki experience, please record your video or audio clips (We recommend you to use for voice recording) and then send the download link to Thank you for your help!
Don't know what to say in the testimonial? Tell others about language exchange and learning experience on italki.
At the end of the testimonial, please make an ending like this:" I love language exchange. I love italki! 我爱语言交换,我爱italki。!"
Thank you for all your help on this :)
Hi, my name is Alex. From China. I do enjoy using italki for language exchange. Now I have more than 100 friends from over 20 countries. If you want to improve your language skill, simply join italki.
And I want to say, " I love language exchange. I love italki! 我爱语言交换,我爱italki!"

For learning: English
Base language: English
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    how do you pronounce "italki"? me and my friends just say "i talk", while i know the mainlanders like to say "italkee". what is prefered? or is it "i-talk-i"?

    REALLY a very Good IDEA... :)
    Ni hao friend!
    how many minutes the video might have?

    xiexie, zaijian
    That's a brillant idea ! ;)


    From what I have learnt from the team, it should be ai talk ai. Great idea. I will also submit mine this time. : )

    Sure, I would be happy to share my testimonial to promote to other people to experience ITALKI.

    pretty cooooool

    yes it's good but the last sentence shoulden't be an obligation. every one have to say what he really feel. i mean it's automaticly that the parson say that he love italki or he is not learning here. you understand me!

    it is really good idea i ll do it

    ohh great very cool

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