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When was the last time you believed in Satan Claus?

I still remember when I was small, I asked my parents about Christmas. They told me that, on Christmas day, in the midnight there will be an old man with long moustache, dressed in red, carrying a big bag come to our house through the chimney and secretly put little gifts into our socks. His name is Satan. He loves young kids.
On christmas that year, I stayed awake till very late at night to meet satan but my mom said , "Satan won't come until you are aslept". And so, I went to bed unwillingly.
The next day, I found a gift in my sock. I thought it was from Satan.
As I have grown older - 7 years old. I saw Satan.
There is no Satan Claus in this world. There is nobody riding on snow deers flying in the sky and drop presents to us. My parents were my Satans.
Since then, I don't believe in Satan Claus' existence and I don't stay up late on christmas night to wait for Satan anymore. My satans are with me all the time...
What's your story? Do you still believe in Satan Claus?

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    Misunderstandig !'s spelled "santa claus" not "satan claus."

    SATAN! I can bet that you are a descendent of Devils family to receive a gift from Satan, Hehehe
    Dude! It’s "Santa" like it's said above. Anyway, good for you to discover the lie early.

    friends ,,actually i am muslim but we also believe on Devils,,and other prophet,,but about santa i dont think so there is any santa coming for gifts,,but its ur hope and believe on ur religion ,,christmas is near u wil be happy..GOD bless u

    Oh what a spelling first I was surprised how different christian traditions are;)))
    but happily nobody gets Satan s gifts!
    I realised real Santa are my parents at the age of 13...prety late...but i had been douting few years before...
    It s very good to live in my country,Croatia.You get presents from St Claus,St Lucy(1 week after St Claus),and and Baby Jesus.
    But by my opinion it s not important who brings present or what do you s most important to show affection and to remember your neigbours.
    For me it was sooo funny to be Santa for my roommates...but that s one other story:)
    i wish you all beautiful holidays!!!

    Never believe it ,when I was educated,I was told that the Santa Claus is not true...
    Hehe ,I am a charateristic student in China.....

    well, estevan that was a nice pun but for christian orthodox people there is heaven and hell with satan in hell and santa claus, which for us is saint basil from cappadocea, in heaven. there is no mixture. st basil for us is slim and a saint and he did many good deeds to poor people, kids etc by building a whole infrastructure with facilities for those in need and it was called at that time vassiliada named after him cause his name is spelt vassilios in greek well i've always celebrated st. basil every new year as a saint and not a santa, which was always the fat guy whom ok i later found out that he was phony so i'm stuck to the original saint but still have fun with the fatso santa !

    Why parents lie to their children ?!?! It's shameful, I think...

    haha..this is what also i exactly experienced it when i was a kid. My parents also told me that Santa Claus is real and would distribute gifts during christmas to those kids who were good boys and girls. That day when i woke up i found a doll and candies beside me while in fact it was my parents who gave me presents and not Santa Claus =)

    santa? uhm.. as for me it is just a kid's story..

    Hello, Estevan... ya, a bit too brutal grammatical mistake you have made, but people understood about whom you were talking ;-)
    Well, speaking about Santa, in Ukraine in the time of my childhood kids were also visited by the man in red coat with a sack, long beard and a young beautiful assistent, his name was Ded Moroz and all post-Soviet people know about him. Then this good old man was taken from Ukrainian kids and was replaced by Saint Nicolas, because Ded Moroz was associated with Russia and did not fit Independent Ukraine any more.
    Fairy-tales disappear when kids realize that polytical conflicts influence even the old good men that bring joy, and when parents have no money even for decent food, not desired presents.
    Thanks God, this period has passed already. I wish that all kids find on the Christmas day something they were dreaming about.

    Best question ever!

    Hello. I started believing in Satan Claus when I joined a satanic cult about six years ago on the sixth day of the sixth month. They started "injecting" voices into my head saying the more people I hurt the bigger my Christmas gifts will be. You know, things like that. Satan Claus would beat Santa Claus in a showdown any day because Santa has to play by the rules, whereas Satan is a world-famous cheater; however, Santa has his helper Elves, so it might end up being a draw.

    Just kidding.

    As already mentioned, it should be "Santa" Claus. Cool typo nonetheless. ;)

    Ahah, it would be interesting to meet Satan Claus instead of old fat oh-oh laughing Santa!
    I definitely ceased believing in him when I was about ten, and I found it was so tender that I did not need that odd man to think at me on Xmas night for my parents did; now I'm only sorry for all those children, whose parents are dead or too poor, who never receive presents (not only for Xmas). I still find it's a wonderful idea that of someone whose goal is just making children happy. :)
    Happy Christmas every child one!
    I don't remember the last time I believed in Santa Claus. It was a slow realization for me, not one "AHA!" moment.

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