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What do you think about solarium? is it really very harmfull or not?

The point is that I like to visit solarium and I think that with tan I look very good, but my mom says that its very bad for my skin and etc. And what do u think about it?

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    Totally agree with the opinions above..
    Beauty is beyond skin color or physical appearances. Enjoy your skin rather than looking upon yourself in dissatisfaction. How many people in the world have skin problems? Cancer, burns, deformation...etc. So, if you don’t have such problems thank God.

    Em...In my opinion, avoid visiting such stuff is safer. Because, it's not a cure and you'll just buy serious health problems by your own money. Exposing your skin to UV radiation produced by a solarium increases your risk of developing skin cancer, eye cancers and other skin and eye damage. Read this:
    “The two main types of UV radiation are UVA and UVB. UVA radiation may cause
    premature ageing of the skin, wrinkles, blotchiness, unusual pigmentation, skin cancer
    and eye damage. UVB radiation may cause sunburn, skin ageing, skin cancers and eye
    A solarium can produce concentrations of UV radiation that are up to five times the strength of the summer sun at noon. I do live in the desert, and I can imagine how sunburn is harmful. Especially for someone who isn’t familiar with such high intensity of the UV radiation, that can lead to a Melanoma.

    I advice you to avoid such stupid stuff, and listen to your mother - this way you’ll conserve your health and satisfy your mother ,Hehehe- and endeavor to stay away from artificial beauty BRICOLAGE.

    P.S. there are many people who dream of a whiter skin, and there are others who opted for peeling their skins off.
    I definitely agree with your mum. Use a self-tanning lotion instead. Have a look at this site:
    " Are tanning beds safer?
    Tanning salon owners say tanning machines are safer than outdoor tanning for two reasons: 1) they mainly use UVA rays, and 2) they offer more "controlled" UV exposure. However, we know now that UVA is a carcinogen, and studies have revealed that tanning salons frequently exceed "safe" UV limits. Study after study has shown that sunbed tanning increases the risk of both melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers.

    The facts bear out: There is no such thing as a safe tan. However, there are safe alternatives in sunless tanners. Being informed about how to protect yourself from unwanted sun exposure is the best defense against skin cancer and photoaging. "

    hmm I don't think it's very good, I have extremely sensible skin and I am not allowed to use it (at least by my dermatologist) she says that it's better to go to those places where they shower you with tan or to expose yourself to sun with bronzer since you also get vitamin D, but I doubt that in Russia in December you can do this so use sunless tanners like those showers I said.


    I believe there are much better ways to make our skin look great and glow with the beauty of health.

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