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how to use "have, has, had”in english sentence?

hello.who can tell me what is difference between ''have, has, had'' and when we can use it? thanks

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    I have an apple!
    My big brother wants my apple and he is going to take it from me.
    I had an apple.
    My big brother has my apple.
    (Don't you hate brothers?)

    I have ...
    you have ...
    he/she/sb. has...
    "had" is used in the past tense. clear?

    has is singular, have is plural while had is past tense

    He has had a terrible time with these words. Have you too?

    Have: Present Tense, Plural subject with the exception of I and you.
    We have, They, have, All those people have, The army of sumo wrestlers have, Those chairs have....
    But also includes: I have, You have

    Has: Present Tense, Singular subject
    He has, She has, It has, That person has, The sumo wrestler has, That chair has...

    Had: Past Tense, singular or plural
    We had, I had, He had, She had, They had, etc...

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