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Have u ever seen each other with a friend who you ve met on italki?

I have friends here but i dont know if it s possible to see them someday...
Have u ever seen someone and how have it happened?

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    no i haven't , but i think it will be a wonder thing,

    Unfortunately, I haven't meet them. I don't know if it will happen or not. But I will be happy if I can meet them one of these days. Just keep in mind that everything is possible to happen..
    no,not anybody.I just recommended it to my friends who wanna learn foreign languages.But today i met a guy on ItalkI who told me he's living the street what is next my street.Oh, it's interesting~~~

    Neither here. It is kind of difficult, isn't it? Especially with all the italki people peppered all over the globe.

    I haven't met anyone from italki but i have met friends from another Language site, we still keep in touch and when i go on holiday to Turkey i visit them.

    nothing is impossible,hehe.its easy to see chinese in real cause u r in China now,and it will be very cool and interesting i think:)

    No,I haven't.But everything is possible.If both of you agree to meet,you can make an appointment to meet each other.Or you can see each other by shi ping.

    no it never happened to me but i wish to meet them one day or onother, it will be great

    Yes, I met one of my friends from italki (he's American, too), and we had a great time. :)

    I REALLY want to meet Robert Chow. Women want him, men want to be him.

    no... I never meet from I know from Italki. But i believe nothing is impossible.

    nope, i haven't..well not yet...coz might be oneday i will meet one of them..
    anything could be happen ^^

    not yet~but i am looking forward to meet some of them.
    it seems that some of them are so sweet and friendly.
    and the most important is they are congenial,with me:)
    I have and I will have in the future, too. i like to meet ppl when we talk a lot deeply each other.
    we have many things to share more than internet.
    but yes unfortunately most of the time we live other side of the earth :D
    it would be nice if italki had official off-log party at every big cities of our countries :D

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