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Do you often judge people by their appearance ?

I think it's unfair to judge people by their appearance we have to look at the one's soul and character

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    Well honestly, if I say no, then I am lying :)
    I think we all understand very well that we shouldnt judge a book by it's cover, and MOST of the time, I am willing to believe we don't do that. But, here I am talking about us doing it subconsciously :P
    To guys out there, do you remember when was the last you saw a pretty lady and you thought that she would make a very good girlfriend / partner and you started head over heels in love with her?
    That's an act of "judging people by their appearance", isn't it?
    yes,I'm agree with u. In fact, although i really hard to judge somebody is nice or bad buy just by their appearance, i often judge this buy's character by his appearance

    the first impression which is built upon the appearance either was positive or negative affect powerfully in our judgment and to change that impression (you or him) it need relatively long time.
    I do not judge

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