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Why is T-bane called T-bane?

This question may sound a bit stupid..but I am wondering why the underground/subway system in Norway is called T-bane, could anyone from Norway tell me why? Takk!

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    From the memory of my childhood I think bane is like a way or pathway. It might be short for Train Path or Transient Path or Travel Way ect.

    Those are just my ideas, I don't know why though. I will ask my sister a more accurate translation of bane since she isn't lame like me and forgotten the language ;)

    :) question for fun... T-bane - could be Troll-Bane , in ex.Russia we have words TrolleyBUS...but Troll is a mystic HERO... and what about JERN-bane, here is much simple... in the case of germans T-bahn must become a Zug-Bahn ... :) fun games

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