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About Christmas Gift-What Do You Want and What Do You Want to Give


Hi, Christmas is coming. And what gift do you want for Christmas? Whom will you give a special gift for and what gift will it be?

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    Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
    To christians it is the day when God offered to the human race his sole Son, fulfilling the promise given to Adam and Ibrahim .
    What else could be an equivalent present to humanity other than peace?
    This time human has to offer this present to human.

    Why not start a global ceasefire, reset our machines and mentalities to the measure of mercy and then without fear and passion decide for the fair way to advance?
    Every year we have at least 1 chance for this event.

    HELLO! Well I shall present all small gifts, only I shall not speak what! (Do not look at my mistakes, I only start to study English language.)

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