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who can solve this puzzle? you ? TRY !

well, it's so easy i will discribe a thing and you will guess what is it ,ok ! first , i am from nature , i am so so rich and you can't live whit out me also , you can find me in......!ok it's enouthg try whit this information .i wait for you intellegent people !!

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    oxygen. c_c



    I agree with rubis and shady, although, given that your profile picture has a Qur'an, Christian might be right.

    p.s. why is this question in the French section? I will write it out in French, just so that the French-speakers who do not speak English can understand it:

    donc c'est trop facile je vais décrire une chose et vous allez dire ce que vous pensez qu'il est, alors! tout d'abord, je viens de la nature, je suis aussi riche et on ne peut pas vivre sans moi, aussi, on peut me trouver dans ...! alors ça suffit essayez avec ces informations. je vous attends, gens intelligents!

    (j'ai corrigé les erreurs d'orthographe, mais j'ai laissé la grammaire comme il est écrit)

    u know, the water is more rich than oxygen because water contains oxygen and oxygen doesn't.
    and God not from the nature but he who created the nature


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