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can you help me to translate these words to english? pls

can u help me to transltae these words to english? thank you so much!


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    I think,
    Something should be forgotten, some others will be forever in-mem; ((in memoriam))
    Something could be made in willingly, but other isn't anything for an exertion;
    "I love U!" originally, this suffering situation was the God put me in.
    ___________________((This 'cause the God put me in))

    In case U still haven't told Ur darling, I think U shold say:
    "I love U!", these words are 'cause the God want me to tell ...

    I'm not sure the meaning, language and culture in each countries are difference, but in Vietnamese, we understanding the "劫難" is an luckily and dislike situation for everyone. noone want to say it (accept it has been happened and couldn't to be changed).

    My E is no good, but when I look at this sentence, I also want to write something. I think it suit to me - to my confidence.

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